Beveridge Paper

In November 2023, Cauthorne Paper Company acquired two paper companies out of Durham, North Carolina: Beveridge Paper and Triangle Converting. This strategic move aims to expand Cauthorne’s presence in the market and further diversify its product portfolio and strengthen its sourcing capabilities. The acquisition of Beveridge Paper and Triangle Converting provides Cauthorne with additional manufacturing capacity and a broader range of paper products. 

This strategic expansion within the converting and packaging sector will help Cauthorne provide more comprehensive solutions to its customers, meeting their end-to-end paper and packaging needs. Cauthorne is excited to bring its dedicated customer service and quality products to the customers of Beveridge and Triangle, both new and old. Reach out for further product and pricing information.

Paper Grades

Blankote C1S SBS
Britefold C2S SBS
Claykote C1S News Back
Display Board – Color 2 Sides
Process Blanks
Railroad Board
Twinkote Display Board
Utility Tag


Common Dimensions

22 x 28

28 x 44