After slitting rolls to a desired width, sheets can be cut to length on our Sheeter. If necessary, lengths shorter than the minimum length our Sheeter can cut can be cut on one of our three guillotine trimmers. We have the ability to sheet a variety of paper and paperboard. Sheets are cut from master rolls up to 60” in diameter. The trimmers can cut an even wider range of materials. We can cut sheets to precise dimensions as small as 1” x 1”. Cut sheets can be ream wrapped, boxed, packed in bundles, or palletized. Tolerances can be held to 1/8” on the sheeter and 1/32” on the guillotine equipment. We have access to a variety of specialty papers that we can buy cut to size or buy stock sheets and trim to order. (See custom services). Finished orders can be bar code labeled and customized packing lists can be used using standard or generic formats. Our inventory control system identifies individual skids of raw and finished sheets when they are received and skids of converted sheets after they are cut.


Caliper range
Min. sheet width
Max. sheet width
Min. sheet length
Max. sheet length
Min. roll diameter
Max. roll diameter
Core sizes
Edge trim


2 to 30
Slit on slitter
3 top, 3 bottom

Greg Klinge

Cauthorne Paper Company has provided quality materials and excellent customer service for the past 5 years.  Theresa and Dick have gone the extra mile on multiple occasions and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer Cauthorne Paper Company.  Put simply, they have exceeded all expectations.

Greg Klinge
Crown Packaging Corp.