Die Cutting

Our die cutting capabilities allow us to make an infinite variety of shapes and styles. We can die cut a wide range of chipboard, folding carton and micro-flute corrugated board. We have design software and a Gerber sample table to cut prototypes for customers.

If you need help with structural design we can assist. Our CAD software and Gerber sample table give us the ability to fine tune designs with prototypes until they meet customer requirements. The sample table can cut sheets up to 75” wide and 120” long. Once a design is determined, our die cutter offers a wide range of cutting capabilities with a max tonnage of 550 tons. The machine is very productive and has excellent print to cut registration and stripping capabilities. The machine was reconditioned in 3Q 2023 and added features to enhance its versatility and productivity.


Min. sheet size
Max. sheet size
Max. speed
Max. Tonnage
Caliper range


13-7/8” x 19-3/4”
36-1/4” x 49-1/2”
5,000 SPH
550 US Tons
20-60 point to E-flute
Double action

Greg Klinge

Cauthorne Paper Company has provided quality materials and excellent customer service for the past 5 years.  Theresa and Dick have gone the extra mile on multiple occasions and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer Cauthorne Paper Company.  Put simply, they have exceeded all expectations.

Greg Klinge
Crown Packaging Corp.